Sylbourne Sydial

Sylbourne Sydial, a notable figure within the UK political community recently stood as a Local Government candidate in Catford South, Lewisham for the Conservative party in the 2010 General & Local Government Elections.

Driven by dedication, he seeks to highlight and find solutions to the cause of deprived and marginalised communities and promote greater understanding and influence in the British political system. "As a Conservative, I am confident that political participation is crucial to and is part of the answer in ensuring that all spheres of society have a voice, and most importantly the ones who are marginalized", Sylbourne explains.

He also emphasizes the importance of political participation and electoral turnout for the sustainability not only of the British party system, but of Britain as a whole. Sylbourne reckons, "The people's willingness to participate in politics will determine the stability and continuity of the country".

Originally from Ocho Rios, Jamaica, Sylbourne migrated to the UK in 1992 and has been proactive as an effective voice in the Jamaican community.

In 2003 Sylbourne founded Facilitators for a Better Jamaica (FFBJ) a non-profit, independent think tank & lobby group that specialises in being an effective voice with a mandate to speak up for Jamaica and Jamaicans' interest in the United Kingdom and internationally, thereby bridging the gap and creating strategic partnerships with Jamaicans overseas and at home.

To achieve this, FFBJ conducts various Forums and Networking events where participants are given the opportunity to air their concerns which are then relayed to the relevant personnel. FFBJ also acts as a conduit by facilitating introductions to professionals in the UK & Internationally in order to assist in particular needs

Since his arrival Sylbourne has been a prominent member of various community groups and organizations in South London and has since then advanced his political ambition. He is currently:

  • A Conservative paid up party member of Dulwich and West Norwood Constituency and Lewisham East Constituency.
  • Chairman of the Whitefoot Ward branch in East Lewisham Constituency
  • A member of the prestigious Society of Conservative Lawyers
  • A member of the Conservative Foreign & Commonwealth Council.

Sylbourne is also an alumni of the Operation Black Vote (OBV) MP shadowing scheme, where one of the MPs he was selected to shadow was MP Dominic Grieve.

Mr. Grieve who was recently appointed Attorney General, praised Sylbourne commenting, "Sydial has a long track record of working within the Jamaican community and in promoting integration and involvement. I know he will make a very good councillor if given the opportunity".

Sylbourne is a regular speaker and lecturer in political and community outreach. His genuine commitment to liberal Conservatism made him one of the most eligible and highly praised participants in the recent elections. His passion is geared towards the promotion of greater understanding and influence in the development of communities by enhancing civic pride, community safety, and social action.

He has established a reputation as an inspiring youth motivational speaker with a simple and entertaining, yet challenging message. He speaks passionately about the importance of young people getting involved in political and decision-making processes. He has taken this message to universities, such as Goldsmiths and South Bank University.

Sylbourne’s youth initiative “Politics and You”, aims to change the political landscape of UK by encouraging young people to become more involved in the political processes thereby educating and empowering them as the leaders of tomorrow.

Sylbourne, who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and is a Children and Family lawyer by profession and he desires to become the first Jamaican born British MP.

Sylbourne’s favorite saying is “Don’t just go with the flow or else you will be in someone else’s stream, instead create your own rivers".

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