Amazin Business Solutions founder and CEO has over 30 years experience, as a leading community and trade union activist, also an advocate on race equality and diversity issues. He has over 25 years experience in the public and voluntary sectors, as director, board member, manager, company secretary and mentor.

Richard has worked as a Performance and Policy Advisor for over 5 years for a large housing association in the North West of England; and gained skills in various performance management techniques (includes service improvement & service standards), outsourcing skills, tendering / procurement processing skills, customer satisfaction surveys, and many more performance related skills.

Richard was born and raised in the parish of St Catherine, Jamaica. In October 1975, he immigrated to Manchester, England, to join his parents and to continue his education, and obtained the Institute of Housing Diploma in Effective Management Studies; book-keeping & accountancy and other related qualifications. He is a freelance journalist for over 30 years.

Community Involvement

From an early age, Richard discovered the true purpose of community involvement and as a volunteer, he taught people to read and write, as part of the Jamal Foundation Literacy Programme of Jamaica. Since his arrival in England, Richard has extended his involvement in community and race relations' issues throughout Greater Manchester region.

Richard has been working with a wide range of Black Minority Ethnic (BME) communities and organisations for many years. In addition, he has been involved with African Caribbean business enterprises, community developments, trade union activities in respect of negotiating, representing and bargaining on behalf of members. The author of the Jamaica Co-operative Project Consultation Document entitled: “The Plight of Jamaica’s Inner City Poor”, which presents the case for a number of co-operative solution approaches, to some of Jamaica economic and social problems.

Richard has been a Sickle cell campaigner in the Greater Manchester region for over 21 years. He attended an international sickle cell conference in Washington DC and visited the Jamaica sickle cell research centre on a number of occasions.


Richard has the talent and ability to make sound decisions, passionate about his business ideas, a motivator, a human rights campaigner, a people person, adaptable and clear about what he want to achieve and how to achieve it. He is the editor of FFBJ newsletter and joint administrator for its website.

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