FFBJ began in 2003 as the first think tank and lobby group of its kind. The membership is made up of experienced and passionate individuals whose desire is about effective change in Jamaica and the countries in which Jamaicans reside.

FFBJ has been instrumental over the past 9 years in bringing issues to the fore, including:

  • Campaign against the UK Government’s APD, a tax that will cause undue economic hardship to countries like Jamaica. This tax could potentially deter travellers from visiting the Caribbean, which relies on tourism. FFBJ is urging its supporters to support the campaign
  • Developing new and exciting links with community based organizations in Jamaica, while strengthening its existing links with Jamlink (USA), Real Change for Jamaica (RCFJ), Agency for Inner-city Renewal (AIR) and other Friends of Jamaica Organizations worldwide, in an effort to develop and coordinate its lobbying and think tank activities on an international level
  • Demanding the Sun Newspaper in the UK, to apologize and retract their damning article portraying Jamaica as a ‘druggie Isle’
  • Demanding a better deal for Jamaican teachers in the UK, the FFBJ, along with other partners, have lobbied the UK Government to extend the period for which Jamaican teachers can get their Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)
  • Raising the relevance of the Commonwealth, in light of the stringent immigration rulings, which have been passed, which have direct impact upon Jamaicans in the UK
  • Hosted a the series of “Under the Microscope” Forums, include one in Jamaica, entitled, “Rap Session with FFBJ”, at the Hibiscus Suite, Eden Gardens in Kingston. Mr. Delroy Green, FFBJ Executive Member chaired the forum, with panellists, April Jackson, former Miss Jamaica Universe and Founder of Give Children A Future Foundation (GCAF.The forum was sponsored by Immigration UK Limited
  • In Trench Town, West Kingston, Mr. Sylbourne Sydial addressed a large gathering at the Agency for Inner City Renewal (AIR) Conference Hall
  • FFBJ is a strong supporter of the Jamaican Diaspora Initiative and is always represented at its conferences both in the UK and in Jamaica
  • FFBJ has supported the petition led by former MP Dawn Butler calling on the UK Border & Immigration Agency (BIA) to treat British Jamaicans with respect
  • FFBJ fact-finding tour to Boston, USA Diaspora community organisations and businesses
  • FFBJ has supported Operation Black Vote(OBV) and Ministry of Justice Magistrate’s Shadow Scheme
  • There are many other areas FFBJ is involved in raising its presence in order to raise and flag up issues eg Transparency and accountability in Jamaica eg with support to the Office of the Contractor General

FFBJ’s head office is based in the United Kingdom and also operates through network links in Jamaica and the United States. There is current consultation to set up further affiliates in Canada and the wider Caribbean and eventually offices internationally in major Jamaican overseas communities.

FFBJ Executives may or may not be affiliated with political parties or other interest groups. They are however, inspired by one purpose and that is to unite all Jamaicans around the world. Jamaicans have made a considerable contribution to the development of the free world. FFBJ will ensure they continue to be involved in the process of global development.